Outdoor Kitchens and Firepits

If outdoor cooking means more to you than just grilling up some hot dogs and burgers, than an outdoor kitchen may be just what you've been looking for.  Outdoor kitchens have actually been around for quite a while in the warmer states where they can be used year round, however, like most great ideas, the concept quickly spread and is now one of the hottest new landscaping options even in areas where it can be used only on a seasonal basis.  Like the indoor kitchen the outdoor kitchen will quickly become the center of the action and entertainment.  The outdoor kitchen will also have everything that your indoor kitchen has, plus the beauty of the outdoors.  It is therefore a natural gathering place in a natural setting!  And the greatest part about it is the host does not have to leave the party to cook or clean-up.  When planning your outdoor kitchen you must take into account the space you have available for it as well as the number of people it will typically be used to serve.  You can then consider the 5 basic functional categories that the outdoor kitchen will serve.

  1. Storage - Storage is an essential part of any well-designed kitchen and an outdoor kitchen is no different.  Adequate storage will cut back on the host having to run in and out to get supplies and may consist of a compact undercounter refrigerator for cold foods and drinks as well as other built in cabinets and storage drawers for grilling accessories, cleaning supplies, paper goods, and other food. 
  2. Food Prep - You will need a work space that is easy to keep clean but one that also accents the overall style of your home and landscape.  The countertops you select must also be able to withstand the elements they will be constantly exposed to in our area such as sunlight, rain and cold temperatures.  Some options would be marble, granite, stone or concrete. 
  3. Cooking - The grill will be the focus of your outdoor kitchen and probably the most expensive single item you purchase for it.  You want to make sure to choose one that not only fits your budget but meets your needs as well.  The cooking surface must be large enough to accomodate your typical outdoor grilling needs and you must choose the right features, such as side burners, to get the most out of your grill.   
  4. Dining -  The most common and flexible dining arrangement in an outdoor kitchen is a freestanding patio set.  However, you may choose to also add a built in countertop bar that will accomodate a few diners.
  5. Clean-Up  - The food prep area will also serve as a clean-up area after the meal.  Be sure it is large enough for you to collect dirty dishes and package leftovers.  You may also choose to have a stainless steel sink installed in your outdoor kitchen which would allow you to rinse things off before taking them into the house.

After the meal what could be more enjoyable and relaxing than gathering around a beautiful firepit with your guests watching the flames dance.  Let us also custom build you a built-in gas or wood burning firepit to match your patio design.  It will be great to provide some extra lighting after the sun goes down and your guests will love the warmth it provides on those cool evenings. 




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