Outdoor Lighting

As beautiful as landscape lighting looks, installed correctly, it should not only be aesthetically pleasing but functional as well.  Other than allowing you to enjoy your yard after the sun has set, landscape lighting can also be used for:

  • Highlighting Focal Points in your Landscape   - Whether you want to accentuate plants, statuary, architectural accents, water features or any other area of your landscape, proper lighting can instantly add drama or romance to your yard.  It can give the feel of being in a private resort or hotel, thus giving you your own private getaway right in your own backyard!
  • Safety - Lighting pathways, driveways and walkways makes them much safer to travel at night for you as well as your visitors.  Also, if you have any hazardous areas in your yard such as steps, thorny or low-hanging vegetation, sudden elevation changes or stony pathways, proper lighting can be used to warn guests of the possible hazard.
  • Security - By having landscape lighting, you can avoid having dark areas around your home.  Burglars would much rather choose a dark shaded area to conduct their business, rather than a well-lit yard that allows them to be seen.  Installed at entrances, lighting can also allow you to quickly fit your key in the door when coming home at night or to easily identify any evening visitors you may get.


There are many types of lighting available and which you choose will greatly depend on the purpose you plan to use it for.  However, some basic choices would be:

  • Flood lights - These are great for the security of your home.  They cover large areas of your landscape, while direct lighting can illuminate specific areas such as porches and doorways.
  • Low Voltage Lighting Kits - These have become very popular and are great for the do-it-yourself landscaper to install.  The soft lights are just enough for garden paths or accent lighting and they are also great to create a romantic atmosphere for your nighttime landscape.
  • Solar Lighting - These are a great choice for those looking to cut back on the electricity budget.  Installation is simple because there are no wires to contend with.  They will cost a little more in the up-front purchase price but over time you will more than make up the difference in your electricity savings.


Whether you simply want to add security to your home and property, or you're looking to turn your landscape into an entertainment area for family and friends, landscape lighting is a beautiful way to add value to your landscape design.


Your property will be brought to life by the landscape lighting and at the same time, night life will be brought to your landscape!!!!!


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